In 2007, then-Commissioner Michael Góngora created the first Green Ad Hoc Committee that evolved into the Sustainability Committee for the City of Miami Beach. The purpose of the Miami Beach Sustainability Committee is to identify and promote policies within the City of Miami Beach aimed at achieving a sustainable environment as well as minimizing negative impacts and maximizing benefits to the environment. Góngora has been a tireless advocate for policies and practices and their implementation by the City Commission.

One goal focused on ways to improve recycling. Recycling and sustainable initiatives have become criteria in most governmental Miami Beach.

Góngora also assisted in many green initiatives events such as Earth Hour, City Hall Farmer’s Market, the Dream in Green event and Growing a Green Restaurant. Góngora also supported the Miami Beach Botanical Garden’s “Go Green, Go Native” environmental expo that celebrated native plants and green living, with a focus on water conservation, energy management and preservation of natural resources. He was a guest speaker for the event and participants also were able to take home a free rain barrel. As Commissioner Góngora also supported the City’s Dream in Green workshop for residents that provided information on simple measures that help residents conserve energy and water in their homes and, ultimately, save money.

In March 2013, then-Commissioner Góngora once again inspired volunteers to join him for his 4th Annual Beach Clean-up to remove garbage and help keep our city’s beaches clean and beautiful. In February 2013, as Vice Commissioner, Góngora participated in the Ribbon Cutting for theMiaGreen Expo and Conference held at the Miami Beach Convention Center. He presented a proclamation to Miami Beach High School students for their participation in the SHARE Program that celebrated their 75th anniversary.